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Solstice Blessings, mOMma June 22, 2010

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Today is the first day of Summer…it is the Solstice…the longest day…magick.  Mother Earth is very pregnant as her bounty grows, blooms forth, and glistens in the moist heat of the hot sun…ripening…preparing for the harvest that is to come.  Honor the goddess within you…be full…create..radiate…


Word to the Mutha’s… May 11, 2010

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Maybe you’re a brand new mommy…maybe you’re an old hag like me….and maybe, just maybe you’re still waiting to hatch your first baby and emerge into motherhood.  Either way, I want to send each of you a whole-lotta love, hugs, and encouragement on this day-after Mother’s day!  While we all have our own unique parenting personalities, we all share a deep connection throughout this most difficult yet extremely rewarding experience called motherhood.  So, here’s a shout-out to all the mama’s out there…how was YOUR Mother’s Day?  Feel free to share, sound-off, and be heard!  Peace!!


Knock, Knock: Shit Happens March 17, 2010

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been walking around feeling like the punchline to some crazy parenting joke.  What do you get when you cram a family with 3 children under the age of 5 into a tiny house with 2 busy parents and 2 aging dogs?  A lot of poopy messes….that’s what!

I had somehow forgotten just how much an infant poops, and pees, and poops…you get the picture.  We should own stock in diapers…it isn’t uncommon to be changing a diaper and have new poop oozing straight into the fresh diaper.  Every mom knows and loves the poop up the back explosions, and I don’t know what YOUR baby’s ca-ca is like, but this breastfed baby has the staining power of I don’t know what.  Is it weird to actually have a designated scrubbing device devoted JUST to working out said stains from at least one outfit per day??

I have to say that even with the high volume of infant-poopage happening all-day every-day (and the laundry that goes with it), I still rate this as more tolerable than the potty adventures of my 2-year old.  She hasn’t been on the breast since babyhood…and her ‘deposits’ are full-on, grown-up YUCKY!  Of course, we were working towards the potty-training but with a new baby in the house the toddler does regress.  At least she’s on more of a schedule, and she doesn’t GO nearly as many times in a day as the baby.  Last week she was in the tub ~ her tummy had been a little funny for a couple of days (hey, we eat a TON of fruit…thanks, Daddy) and “mommy, I icky in the bath-tub!”  Within seconds I had fished her and every toy from the water, and my heart sank as I noticed the “icky” was not packaged nicely in a floating poo that could’ve been easily cleaned out.  No, no…it was quite the mess.  Hello, Clorox!  Again…every mother out there can relate to this one…it wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last!  (To top it all off she has now developed an aversion to getting back INTO the bathtub for her bath.  “Mommy, I icky in the bathtub!!”  Sigh.)

Oh well, as they say, “Shit Happens!”  It really and truly does.  I can deal with that…it just comes with the territory.   Our poor aging dogs are fortunately prohibited from all carpeted areas of the house.  Our female dog “Sugar” ain’t so sweet in her old age.  She’s grumpy, has trouble getting around, and pees on her blanket almost daily.  Double sigh.  The laundry doesn’t stop going in this house…and apparently, neither do the occupants inside!


The 4th Trimester March 9, 2010

Some call it “the babymoon” and others refer to it as your “4th” trimester…and some mommas may not even have a name for those first few months of life with a newborn babe.  It’s definitely a period of transition as our bodies adjust (can you say hormonal fluctuations?), and as we get to know this beautiful new being who completely needs you all day and all night.  I don’t think I was prepared with my first baby for the level of exhaustion that would come along with motherhood.  I can report that with my 3rd baby the sleeplessness does not get better, but I have adjusted more easily.  Either way this period of time can be a roller coaster of emotion…your heart has just grown exponentially, and you’re likely experiencing a depth of love that you didn’t even know existed!  You look at your baby and you see the most precious, beautiful being you’ve ever seen.  You look in the mirror and want to cry or shriek at the haggard, pudgy version of you looking back.  You secretly wish for just ONE good night of sleep but it doesn’t come so you put on a smile and do your best to hold it all together.  It can be pretty intense, but the truth is, like a season in time it will pass and these intense moments will be gone, and your newborn babe will begin to grow and mature and take shape as the person he/she will become.  You’ll start to feel a bit like yourself again, but you’re a new self now, because you’re also growing, maturing, and taking shape as the Mother you are becoming.  It’s a wild, poopy, messy, loving, ride…remember to breathe and take care of yourself.  Before you know it, that baby will be 2 and a whole NEW set of challenges will come your way…start handling the challenges with grace early so that you’ll be better prepared to keep your cool when that darling 2 year old is screaming NO at the top of her lungs and pitching a fit that could rival the devil.


Bittersweet Moments… January 6, 2010

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Life is funny…isn’t it?

I gave birth to my daughter Sophia Jewel just over 2 weeks ago.  Not surprisingly, I have been consumed with busy-ness, sleepless-ness, constant breastfeeding & therefore diaper-changing, etc.  Strangely enough, a small part of me has been fretting that I haven’t been able to blog about my birth and all the fun (and the few ‘terrible’) things that go along with that experience.  Yet, here we are, just over 2 weeks in (as mentioned) and just now the babe is beginning to figure out that we are awake during the day and asleep at night.  She is sleeping (kind-of) at the moment, and was awake quite a bit during the day today (and when she is awake she is nursing most of that time…we had a real power-breastfeeding kind of morning from 7:30am until 12:30 followed by a 1-hour nap and a little more nursing!)

And now that I have a few moments in which BOTH hands are available, I find a part of my heart is lamenting…we aren’t even a month into her life and already things are changing.  She is aging and growing before my very eyes, which is of course what we want, expect, and applaud in our children!  But…this is such a bittersweet time to live through!  As difficult as the constant breastfeeding & sleepless moments are, this is also the sweetest and most precious time when a brand new baby is this small, sweet, vulnerable, and amazing.  This is my third child and somehow the mind forgets just how tiny and perfect a new life can be…that new baby smell…that squishy, lovable lump of wonderful that is your baby rapidly morphs into brighter eyes, a stronger body, and a personality that emerges more with each hour of the day that passes.  And before you know it, years have passed and there is a whole new set of bittersweet moments to appreciate.

I know I should be working on the blog, my website, the business plan…and, oh yeah, the holiday decorations need to come down.  BUT, because she is my third baby I also know how very quickly these precious moments pass by…and so I know the most important way I can spend my time is by soaking her up ~ breathing her in ~ relishing in every poopy, sleepless moment!  Oh…and now she’s fussing a bit, so my moment to blog has passed, and I couldn’t be happier about that.  (But please stay tuned…it won’t be long and I’ll have more time to lament these passing moments!)



Whoa, Baby! Welcome Sophia Jewel! December 26, 2009

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Well, you may have guessed from my total blog-abandonment that I had my baby (yay!)  After a fairly exhausting 13 hours of labor, I naturally birthed my beautiful baby girl into the world in the wee hours of the morn on Friday, December 18th.  Sophia Jewel weighed 8lb, 12oz and measured 19.5 inches long…and she is beautiful!

I feel fortunate to have had Rita Ledbetter, CNM as my midwife for this third (and final) birthing experience…she has delivered all three of my children and I feel a strong connection to her because of that.  My husband Shannon was my support for the third time as well…birthing coaches don’t come more calming or more wonderful than this!  He was a champ and helped me stay focused, calm, and ‘in the zone’ as our nurse commented on throughout the night.

I was able to get through this experience relying on my body, my state of mind, and my breathing techniques to have yet another drug-free labor and delivery.  But, I have to admit…this third time was by far the most difficult!  My labor last hours longer than the other two, and the intensity of pain was far greater.  I felt very exhausted by ‘push’ time, but I did it.  I got through it.  And every grueling moment was worth it ~ I have a beautiful, healthy baby, and my body is recovering even as I type this.  (I’m grateful for this rare moment to have two hands free and both breasts too, now that I mention it!)  I plan to share in detail the specifics of this birth experience soon…but gotta fly for now!  My 2 year old will wake up from her nap soon, and my Sophia just started to gently cry in her bassinet…it’s time to nurse!



One Woman’s Perspective on Epidural vs. Unmedicated Birth… December 15, 2009

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Found a short video of a woman who has birthed 3 children, and each experience was different from the other.  In this clip (a little over 3 minutes) she discusses her opinion on having an epidural versus an unmedicated experience (also briefly talks about her experience with episiotomy.)  For those who are weighing their options it’s worth checking out…